HSMA - Traffic Control Flagger Service

Pedestrian Traffic Managers

HSMA provides traffic control flagger service (flaggers/pedestrian traffic managers) for construction sites and a variety of events. Our staff consists of well-trained and certified professionals with backgrounds in traffic enforcement. HSMA's primary business is construction safety and training, so you can rest assured our flaggers have been trained properly and possess the knowledge needed to effectively perform traffic control correctly, unlike other flagger companies.

The New York City Department of Transportation Highway Rule on pedestrian Traffic Managers (section 2-05) states that pedestrian traffic managers must be present at any permitted construction activity located within a high pedestrian-volume area that significantly impacts pedestrian circulation, and/or where the construction activity causes conflicts between pedestrians, bicycles, and/or vehicles.

All pedestrian traffic managers must have a minimum of five years of certified flagger experience and pedestrian traffic manager training or five years of law enforcement experience.


Types of Venues

Our crews of certified flaggers (including road construction flaggers) have the required experience in all traffic control at job sites and venues big and small.

Food Festivals

Sporting Events

Intersection Control

Foot Traffic Control

Construction Sites


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